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Bill Giouvris and Steve Karabinos the two members of Acropod , as music and vinyl junkies, they started off as DJs when they were teenagers, with drum'n'bass & trip hop music in clubs and open-air parties in Greece during their prime.They met each other in the year 1994, and they realized that the commonality between them was their love for the music. A big friendship arose and quickly realized that the game was to make their own music so six years later. In 2000 they started a journey in producing music to see if their musical styles could be combine in a more advanced sound. Inspired from ambient, jazz, funk, and ethnic sounds, with a small budget, they started buying machinery and set up their own... bedroom studios, to produce their own sound and trying to learn as much as possible on music technology, while adopting the alias Acropod.. Their style is a mix of sound elements from different kinds of music, so it is not possible to put acropod into a specialized genre. It is well-produced music with the sense of atmospheric, melancholic, groovy, and melodic feeling but with a touch of coolness and cosiness After Acropod have spent a lot of hours working in their studios and developing their sound and production skills now their music can be checked in the album called “Tales Beyond the Unknown” by Klik Records and several other tracks at Their album came out in the year 2005. It drives us into the unknown parts of our soul and take us in deep atmospheric soundscapes and melodic pads, and as music people describe it, is an awesome production. By listening to their album you will realize that they can't be placed under a particular music "tag", since, as they themselves claim "music is not a supermarket..." The future looks bright for them us they continue to expand their studio set up, keep on progressing their musical style and creating the music they love. They have promised much better things to come. According to Acropod, by creating music, they aim in people's smiles around them...Acropod invites you all to a futuristic and soulfull ride and would like to give a special thanks to all the people who have helped and supported them till now.


Alejo Gonzalez

Alejo Gonzalez was born in the city of Santa Fe, Argentina. He began his career through his particular interest in electronic styles in 1992 he stepped into the local scene when he was only 12 years old and took his first steps into the world of djs and electronic music.
Strongly influenced by artists such as Depeche Mode, Radiohead, Martin Garcia, Hernan Cattaneo, among others. Alejo played in the last five editions of Creamfields Buenos Aires, sharing decks in Cream Arena with djs like Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, James Zabiela, Martin Garcia, 16 Bit Lolitas, Marc Marzenit, Satoshie Tomiie, Steve Lawler, Guille Quero, among others.


Blue Room Project

Jeff Belfi is a New York based producer and dj. He crosses the boundaries placed on today's music industry with ease, drawing on influences from progressive, tech house, breaks and everything in between, with an emphasis on warm, organic spacial sounds. It was in 94' when he picked up a pair of decks that he soon became fascinated by the music. From that very moment music would stick in the forefront of his mind forever, and a thirst to explore and develop his musical skills further turned him to producing. With his own unique style within his DJ sets, Jeff was able to mesmerize and uplift clubs in New York, Miami, Canada, Israel, Detroit and Mexico. His sets would build a smooth but powerful stream of music. You can sense the constant flow of communication between him and the crowd as each piece of music was seamlessly mixed. In early 2002 Jeff joined with Shane Ehlers and formed Blue Room Project. They moved from Long Island to Manhattan, and focused primarily on production. The duo experimented with various sound setups in which they could develop in their own productions. This not only would help add a unique twist to their DJ sets, but also take their music to the world stage. Since then, Blue Room Project has been signed by Sabotage Systems, CP Recordings, Confi-Dance, Nascent, Screen, Sog, Red Ant, Blueprint, Vapour, Mestiza Records, Dubcoast, CPR White, Cure, Winds West and several other upcoming labels. With the many original tracks and various remixes from some big names due out in 2004-05, Blue Room Project is well on their way. Jeff also just began his own Label Management and Label Group called Mixturi Global along with his own label's Mixturi Recordings, Linear Recordings and Criminal. Paolo Mojo, Habersham, Philip Charles, Randall Jones, Hernan Cattaneo, Tigerhook Corp, Ozgur Can, Noel Sanger and Madoka are among some of the artist currently on the roster. ------------------------------------------------------------------- "Have Blue Room Project released an utter classic, destined to be played to millions for generations to come? I don't know. Probably not, but then the odds aren't really in their favour, are they? " - 365 Mag 


Bobby Deep

Mpampis Vasilos aka ''Bobby Deep'' was born and raised in Lamia, a city in central Greece. He has been a dj from the begining of 1993 when he started playing music in local clubs. International music is a beloved passion for Bobby, collecting records & djing have been one of his first hobbies from the off. So far he has performed many times as a dj with appearances in clubs and on radio along side top djs, such as Duskie Jay (boz boz ), Andreino (mas collective) , Pete Gooding, Terry Lee Brown, Paper Samurai aka Marcus Wortley(ALDJ / Ableton), Mikele, Petros floorfiller, Leon Segka & Miss Lefky. During the last 2 years Bobby has started producing his own music to a very high level featuring the vocal talents of Gia who has such a great vocal presence. His first works have received a very enthusiastic response from established djs all around the globe & those in the Release Record Pool. He is currently starting his first batch of remixes and is also looking for other artists to work with and share his passion for music. One thing is for certain in my minds eye, the future looks very bright for Bobby Deep.


Cristian Gandini

Cristian Gandini was born on 25 April 1978 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began his career in late 1992, when he was only 14 years old and took his first steps into the world of frequency-modulation radio. First, he worked in production, then in radio hosting and last, in the technical operation of radio programs, taking over the on-air console, which was, in his own words, his “first school.” Strongly influenced by artists such as Pink Floyd, The Doors, New Order, Depeche Mode, Radiohead, Massive Attack and Portishead, among others, Cristian gave life to his first radio productions. Two years of intensive work and learning were more than enough to make a disco owner contact Cristian to musicalize his club in 1994, year in which he started DJ-ing. From then on, he went through different grounds and communication media, always showing his good taste in choosing and mixing music, knowing how to combine both tasks together effectively at the time of both leading a radio space and rocking a dance floor. Sharing the microphone with Luis Bedini and Diego Poso, Cristian gained knowledge and got a passion for radio. In 1998, he completed training in broadcasting at the University of Social and Business Sciences in order to make further improvement in his work in the media. Through all of those years he had the chance to perform at different radios and discos in the city of Buenos Aires, the Atlantic coast and inland areas of Argentina. Later, in 2002 he developed an interest for progressive house and break beat, when he became aware of productions by Infusion, Dousk and G Pal, among others. This proved to be a turning point of not only his DJ sets but also his radio performances. It was also in 2002 that Cristian started Frecuencia Zoom, a radio program where he has made his longest career so far as both a radio host and presenter. There, he has hosted important artists such as Tarkan, Sultan, V Sag, Snake Sedrick, Logiztik Sounds, Baunder and Dpen, to name but a few. This show has been on air for more than 6 years. This proposal generated progressive sounds, not only in terms of musicalization but also communication. Interested in keeping on learning, Cristian started to dive into the field of musical production under the tutoring of Ariel Alvarez (Dj Bia) with programs such as Reason and Ableton Live for the purpose of adding up to his knowledge to make his own performances and gradually apply more technology to each of his live sessions. At present, Cristian is an artist booked by Sol Solar Corp, an agency where he has been for some time. In 2006, Cristian was invited to join this corporation together with Germán Liagre, his partner and friend. From his work on South American Music Conference in 2007, Frisky Radio,, Global Station, FM Beat, DLA, ADN and KSK Radio, Cristian keeps adding supporters through his own live Dj sets and the performances of several renowned underground guests, as well as his own productions and remixes which are already available through Bellarine Recordings from Australia, Beat Recordings from Mexico, Jetlag Digital from Germany, Balkan Connection from Serbia and Mestiza Records from Argentina.


Chris Kessler

Chris Kessler, [Baln. Camboriu/SC - Brazil], discovered his interest for electronic music in the early 90’s. His passion for the strong beats and frequencies of Dance Music soon appeared, making him get even more interested in this great tendency which was emerging and nowadays takes thousands of people to the dance floors all around the world. From then on he decided to become a DJ, where he searched for musical knowledge and mixing techniques. In 2004, having improved his musical feeling, he played together with great names of the national and international scene, such as  Anderson Noise, Mau Mau, Camilo Rocha, Vitor Lima, Fabrício Peçanha, Paulinho Boghosian, Leozinho, Chris Lake (UK), Kate Lawler (UK), Ricky Ryan (Argentina), Max Cagliero (Argentina), Justin Berkovi (Predicaments/UK), Valentino Kanzyani (Recycled Loops/Eslovênia), Frank Maurel (Subliminal Records/Portugal), among others. In 2005, being considered by the local critics one of the revelation DJs of the state Santa Catarina, he started performing monthly in the clubs Case and Djunn in Balneário Camboriú – SC – Brazil. Kessler has his sets frequently played in specialized radio stations, such as La Rocka Radio (Argentina). Specialist in “warm-ups”, he is resident DJ in the monthly project House for Friends in the Kiwi Bar at Praia Brava, Itajaí – SC – Brazil. House for Friends is nowadays the best House project in Santa Catarina. His sets are full with groove, having House as a base, passing through tendencies that range from Deep to Tech House. This year, he started a career as music producer and his production have the support of several national and international DJs, such as Diego Mongelos, Neftali Blasko, Mr. Romero, among others. His first single, Sexy Life (Bralli Records), which featured remixes by Julio Torres and D-Ignition Project, got notoriety in many specialized stores, such as the well-known Beatport and Juno. His productions are always among the “top tracks” of specialized sites, such as and Nowadays the artist is part of the casting of the biggest DJ agency of Latin America, 3plus Artists Management & Agency. In each performance, the DJ conquers more admirers of his work and takes an ever-growing amount of people to the clubs where he performs, proving that House can be fine, dancing and contagious.


Christos Fourkis

Christos Fourkis was born on the 12th of January 1981 in Aigio, Greece. Music has always been a part of his life since childhood. His passion and appreciation for music, lead Christos into the world of Dj’ing introducing new and diverse musical innovations to his crowd. He started Dj’ing in the early period of 1997 performing in local clubs. His DJ appearances have been loved and respected nationally and now internationally by performing on many well-known Internet radio stations. The year of 1998 Christos Fourkis entered the world of producing electronic music. He purchased his first personal computer and analogue hardware to start composing his own electronic music. Professionally, Christos has been producing for 4 years and his first productions received a very good response from very well known and established artists.  Currently, he has started his first batch of remixes and also looking for other artists to work with and share his passion for music. Self-taught, Christos Fourkis has always followed his heart towards his goals to create genuine, impassioned music. Throughout the years of practicing and exploration, he has refined his sound engineering and sound mastering techniques. His dream and ambition is to express his feelings and make people understand his music when he is on the Decks.


Dark Soul Project

The Idea of the Dark Soul Project, was born in 2009, when in the search of the sound of many producers where aimlessly, had end, when they find the soul and essence of the ancient progressive house, the darkness of the deep, and the new influences of the minimal techno.
Is so this fusion of rhythms gave birth to the project. The idea is to make sets with its own control, marking different times, creating climates on purpose to well wrap a world of sensations, that’s the atmosphere that dark soul project is working for. Ivan Jaime, aka IVO, was the forerunner and who originated the idea where this took place in a scientific analysis of music, which consisted into analyze the spirituality of music from the occult as Solfegios, to the music therapy, which today gives us solutions to common medicine can not. The Dark Soul Project, goes beyond music is something spiritual, seeking the essence of the sounds of primitive cultures such as Celtic, African and Egyptian, as well as the groove, and the movement of the new sounds of the house. Feelings and emotions generated by music shows that in people, as well as produces physical movements, a strong bass lines, with heavy percussions, and pads with surround sound is the characteristic of waves that reach the spirit too. Like the way that the ancient chants of the ritual followed by the drums not only called the gods, these united people too, in body and soul. This is what the project is looking for. Fellowship, spirit, and pleasure, the perfect symbiosis.


Dave Ferol

Dave Ferol –on his civil name Máté Fekete-was born in Budapest, 1986. His musical career began with piano learning, though, instead of classical music the electronic sounds sticked in him, such as Jean Michel Jarre or Kraftwerk. It was not necessary to wait for the first love for a long time what was the techno, and later on progressive joind as well.This love triangle defines the young producer /dj’s  taste, and his sound world. In 2007 Soundtribe Records reported  his first ep, then RPO Records, observed this and the Morphosis Records, and recently Lups Rcords. Currently with the Argentine label Mestiza Records the negotiations are going on, but this only some among a lot. As a DJ we may hear his name increasingly much in radios. according to his hopes, he  will be an increasingly popular man and as a Dj may flash his knowledge.


Deep In Calm

Marcin Piasecki was born on 25 November 1986 in Braniewo, small town on North Poland. Music has always live inside him. As he was young listened first songs of great group Depeche Mode (recommended by his uncle). Those varied styles, melancholic vibe filled with many emotions and non-linear arrangements fascinated him. He has been trying to initiate some of this on own music as Deep In Calm. This nickname is definitely for more deep, melancholic side of Marcin Piasecki. Another face as Marti Dreamsky is directed on more trancy sounds. He also has started collaboration with him brother Lukasz in project called Flashback. Marcin was started making music for real on Winter 2007. He had a small episode with program Jeskola Buzz couple years before but he haven’t discover yet that this is it. After many hours spending on preparing tracks he decided to send it. He sent some of first tracks to polish label Phatt Sounds. Small Town EP was released with 3 tracks oscilated around deep sounds on 1 September 2008. First EP motivated him to progress. Marcin is trying to obtain from all kind of music. As he said, closing for a music and doing always the same is boring and creative of little worth. Most of all, music has to be surprising. He's still searching for new sounds and new solutions.


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CONTACT & DEMOS: Feel free to send demos - submissions via MP3 links (full length 320 kbps) and also general question or comments to: mestizarecords [@]